About Us

JB Britches manufactures premium men’s apparel including suits, trousers, and sport coats. Every piece within our collection is a product of careful selection and exceptional fabrication.

We cater to the man who takes pride in his appearance. Jbbritches.com is the ideal destination for men who recognize superior quality apparel and strive to achieve a designer look without designer price tags. Our selection of tailored apparel will give you the quality, look, and fit that meet even your highest standards. 

With over forty years of industry experience, the JB Britches team is comprised of seasoned and passionate experts in menswear. We share an appreciation for old-world tailoring and superior quality fabrics. Our designs strive for a modern yet timeless aesthetic without compromising comfort. Every product we offer is meticulously tailored to offer both form and function.

Mostly manufactured in Italy, our team deals directly with these sources and is closely involved in the fabrication process to ensure that each product reflects our style and emphasis on quality.

It is our priority to provide an ecommerce experience that offers high-end tailored menswear that is attainable and practical for every man who values the art of dressing well.